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Travel through the galaxy

Experience the cosmos in your bathroom with our handmade galactic products! Create bubbles from Planet Earth, Drop a moonbeam into the tub and slather your body in Moonlit shimmer!

Intergalactic Whipped Body Scrub
Intergalactic Whipped Body Scrub

Intergalactic Whipped Body Scrub

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Small Batches, Made with Care.

Here at Bubble Bath & Soap Co. we make everything in small batches to ensure that every product is made with care. From artisan handmade soaps to fizzy or foaming bath bombs to moisturizing lip balms - We've got you covered! With new products every month or so, we're always experimenting and making improvements to bring you the best!

BBASC is a small home-based business based in Edmonton, AB. All products are 100% Handmade from ingredients sourced locally or from other small businesses! Products are paraben, sulfate and phalthate free - as well as never tested on animals and cruelty free!

At BBASC were a little different - we may not always have the same products in stock! New creations are always being made and some return and some never do. So if you see something you like GRAB IT - It may not return!