Other Products

Bomb Dust:

Powdered Bath bomb mix with chunks of bath bomb and mini bombs mixed together to make a unique bath experience! Sprinkle your desired amount in the tub to create beautiful bath art that looks and smells amazing!

Bath Oil Soaks:

These bars of goodness are packed with skin loving butters and oils. Hold under the running water while your tub fills to disperse the product evenly, or just place it in your tub and swirl it around yourself! These will leave you feeling so soft and smooth you’ll be amazed! These may leave your tub feeling slippery, so be careful!

Foot Soak Bombs:

These bombs are made specially for your feet! We recommend using a foot soaker, or basin to get the best bang for your bomb! Made with lots of butters (like cocoa and shea), oils and salts (like Dead Sea and Epsom) these are sure to relax and soften those tootsies!