The Beginnings of Bubble Bath & Soap Co

It all started in the early months of 2018 when I, (Heathyr, nice to meet you!) being a breastfeeding-stay-at-home-mom with countless hours of feedings on an iPad, dove deep into the wonderful world of soap-making on YouTube. After watching continuous hours of soap being beautifully poured and designed I thought to myself, "This looks like something I want to try".
Sure enough, supplies were purchased from my favorite soapy YouTuber's recommendations, molds were bought, scents were picked out and a vision of chocolaty creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows was brought to life in the form of a loaf of soap

(My first attempt at cold process soap making!)

(The final bars of the hot chocolate soap, and the photo that started it all!)
After proudly showing off my creation on Facebook I was bombarded with comments and messages asking if I was selling the soap I had made! I was blown away - the only time I'd ever gotten this much attention on Facebook would be when I'd post about giving birth to my children or my engagement, so this felt like something big! I hadn't considered turning this crazy experiment into a business, but now it got me thinking.
After a few more weeks of experimenting and having fun I decided - This was fun, people seemed very interested and I needed something to do at home that didn't involve looking after my children (however wonderful they may be)!
I set out to find product testers (20 people from my Facebook), made tons of experiments and made up some market research questions and off I went. After a few months of testing, experimenting and hearing feedback I figured it was time to start bringing this business to life!

(Soap cube testers - Each color was a different recipe!)

(Product tester soap packs and early stage bath bombs to be sent to testers!)
First and foremost I needed a name. I was inspired by Mitch Hedberg and one of his jokes that has always stuck with me - "I once saw a forklift lift a crate of forks and it was way too literal for me". I laughed at the thought that I could name my business "Bubble Bath and Soap Company" and that I would literally sell varieties of bubble bath and soap. I also liked the cute idea of being known as "Bubble" and that "Bath and Soap Company" would be a subheading or descriptor. After deciding to use an ampersand (out of sheer cool factor) and shortening Company to Co. (also cool factor), Bubble Bath & Soap Co. was born.
Our first logo! (Fun Fact: The runner up name was to be "Soapy Soap Soap Company")

(It was official! My first day as a business!)

Now that I had making artisan cold process soap under my belt, I decided to try my hand at other bath and body products. I was getting asked if I sold bath bombs, so that's where I decided to dive in first. After many failures and experiments I finally got what I deemed to be a good bath bomb down pat. After bath bombs came bubble bars - solid bubble bath that creates tons of fun bubbles in the tub. After bubble bars came whipped scrubs - and the expansion of our product line kept growing and growing. To this day I strive to continue to create new products, to learn and to grow, always bettering myself through knowledge, experience, testing and consumer feedback.

(Lets just say making bath bombs didn't come easy)

It's been exciting - starting out in a tiny corner of my kitchen to the spare room in the basement, to where I am now; my entire basement converted into a workshop - and I'm excited to see where this continues to go!

(Where the magic happens!)

I'm so thankful for everyone who has had a hand in helping my small business grow to where it is - all the Facebook commenters, the product testers, the friends and family who kicked off my sales and spread word of my business. I'm eternally grateful for the Instagram community and influencers that collaborate with me, the amazing local businesses and other small business that work with me and every single person who purchases, shares a post, comments on a photo or even just messages me kind words. 
I will forever be in awe of how far we have come and grown as a business. I say we, because I have had so much support and help and could have not done any of this without the amazing people around me. I am eternally grateful of this growing business and of all of you!

(The growing wall of orders ready to be shipped!)

BBASC is my baby and I will continuously work hard and strive to bring you all quality products that are full of creativity and love from the bottom of my heart to your bath tub.