Pumpkin Pie Body Polish
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Pumpkin Pie Body Polish

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NEW! Body Polish is our version of an emulsified oil scrub. With 5+ oils and butters melted together, Vitamin E, and emulsifiers including Olive Oil esters for adding moisturizing benefits. Fine grain natural sugar and fine grain sea salt blended in to create an exfoliating product that leaves you with soft, moisturized and beautifully scented skin!

How does body polish differ from whipped body scrubs? Our whipped body scrubs are a wonderful gently exfoliating whipped soap with added sugar. When you need light exfoliation and want to wash at the same time!
Our body polish however has no washing/foaming properties and is meant as an after-washing product. When you use our body polish, the oils and butters will cling to your skin rather than wash away. With the addition of an emulsifier, when the water comes into contact it turns the product into a sort of lotion and you’re left with soft moisturized skin. The amount of exfoliation in our body polish is also more than you would find in our whipped body scrubs, with added sea salt to draw out impurities.

Use our whipped body scrub followed by our body polish for out-of-this-world smooth skin.

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